Fabric sofa is most comfortable and contemporary among others sofa. We spend most of our time sit and laying on the sofa, therefore we should take care of it. Tips of prolonging your sofa lifespan:
– Use vacuum to clean your fabric sofa regularly, at least once a week
– Plump, turn and rotate the cushion front to back weekly
– Avoid your sofa direct from sunlight
– Put arm caps or throws on headrests, especially if the family member uses hair gel.
– In case, have a snag on the sofa, cut off by a scissor and never pull it!

WHY choose Lux Arcana Pte Ltd

All our sofa’s fabric is removable, therefore you can exchange the cover according to the festival, rather than change your whole set sofa. Lux Arcana have a wide range of sofa model and fabric from Belgium for you to choose. Our dedicated and experienced workmanship able to build out a perfect sofa that meets your requirement. Besides sofa Lux Arcana also have wides range of premium furniture for your dining room, living room and bedroom. That is including Burmese Teak dining set, Burmese Teak bedframe, Burmese Teak sofa, Burmese Teak TV console, Burmese Teak shelf and cabinet, Acacia dining set, Rustic dining set and Mattresses. 

Make your brilliant choice at Lux Arcana to fit your home. Feel the product from Lux Arcana and surf it from our website 

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