Like our name suggests, we believe in holistic sleep: one that immerses your every sense of sight, smell and touch in absolute luxury. Sentire brings you an entire array of products that afford an unprecedented slumber experience.

Sentire is establish in the state of Boston, United States of America. We has been dedicating to bringing wholesome sleep to folks since 1989.

Like “Sen” in our name suggests, we believe in holistic sleep: one that immerses your every sense of sight, smell and touch in absolute luxury. Sentire seeks to bring you an entire array of products that afford an unprecedented slumber experience. Therefore, we understand what it takes for anyone to be on top of their game: a full, undisturbed night’s worth of priceless rest. And we make it our very mission to bring unprecedented sleep experiences to the world.

Coming your way, Sentire hopes to reach into markets in Singapore and Myanmar – Lux Arcana and Lux Grandeur can now be found in local stores near you.

Like the old faithful friend that waits patiently to wrap their arms around you, Sentire manufactures superior mattresses that provide the most reassuring comfort. Taut muscles are coax into blissful relaxation, woes are shelve away for tomorrow’s fretting, and let your thoughts wander to soft, pretty things.

There’s more. We look into an impressive arsenal of products: therapeutic aromatic fragrances to perfume your bedroom, plush eye masks to caress your eyelids, quality bedspreads to pleasure the most delicate of skin, and even soothing tea concoctions to comfort the body from within. In fact no bedbugs stand a chance against this totality of supreme comfort.

Spoilt for choices? No worries, talk to our friendly staff. In fact, they’ll harness the best of their ability to bring you what you need.

We inspire good mornings, so you can inspire the people around you. In fact, the spring in your step, the alertness to every whiff that the morning breeze brings, the empowerment of being well-recharge. Hence the change is real, and it will stay. Feel it every day.


Our Technology

Innerspring Mattresses

Some Things are Here to Stay

Sentire’s traditional Bonnell and Pocketed Spring Mattresses provide you with unrivaled support for your sleep experience.

Bonnell Spring System – Our traditional Bonnell Spring System consists of individual Hourglass-shaped springs that are secured together at the top and bottom. The firmness of the mattress increases along with compression, hence offering great support for the body.

Pocketed Spring System – Sentire Pocketed Springs are made up of 15 coils that are wrapped in individual fabric pockets. The springs are able to move independently to reduce movement disturbance and provide contouring support for the body.


High Density Foam Mattresses

Rest in Soft Comfort

Memory Foam Mattresses – Memory Foam Mattresses have enhanced breathability that provides your body with contouring support. The Mattresses molds its shape in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing your body weight. Rest your spine in a natural position and enjoy a soft, cushioning sleep.

Latex Mattresses – Sentire Latex Mattresses allow you enjoy a firm, cushioning sleep with all natural Latex materials. The healthy choice with extended durability.


Sleep Support

We Support your Sleep

Sentire Mattresses provide vital support for your contour zones, ensuring good quality of sleep.

Head & Shoulder Support
Upper Body Comfort
Spine Support
Lower Body Comfort
Lower Legs Support


Sleep Elements

There’s More to Sleep than Material

Charcoal – Charcoal mattresses contains cavities that help regulate humidity. It also removes odour and purifies the air, making it most suitable for people who perspire in bed.

Lavender – Experience the calming, soothing, and sedative effects of all natural lavender. Relied upon for relief from sore muscles, headaches and inflammation, lavender may also improve sleep quality, soften breathing, and promote relaxation in individuals who have trouble sleeping.

Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is best known for its healing properties. We captured the essence of the Aloe Vera plant and apply it onto our selected Mattresses.


Tested and Proven

A Brand to Stay

Sentire Mattresses are manufactured through premium design-evaluation and multiple testing tools. Our R&D package includes advanced software equipped with evaluative features and a high resolution sensor pad (10,240 sensors).

In fact, we constantly utilize our systems to compare and evaluate competing Mattress brands to bring you better pressure relief and sleep support.

10 Years Warranty – All Sentire Mattresses are sell with an extending 10 year warranty. Good sleep shouldn’t be costly.