Why buy from Lux Arcana Singapore?

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Lux Arcana 

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[item] All our sofas are hand made by skilled craftsmen with many years experience. [/item]
[item] Manufactured in Singapore therefore undergone strictest quality control checks [/item]
[item] Imported Belgium Fabric and/or Genuine leather used throughout the sofa including the seats, back and sides. [/item]
[item] Frames – Beech or Birch is used for the main weight bearing areas of the frame. This wood is from select hardwood lumbers, all of which have been carefully dried, milled and processed to remove defects, which could cause structural weakness. All corners and structural stress points are reinforced with corner blocks that are firmly glued and stapled in place [/item]
[item] Quicker delivery times (due to being manufactured in the Singapore – except Designer Collection) – typically 3 – 8 weeks. [/item]
[item] Professional, experienced delivery service right in to your home and placed in the room of your choice, unpacked carefully and rubbish removed. [/item]
[item] If you are without a sofa while you wait for your Lux Arcana sofas to be delivered, we can hire you a sofa/ sofa bed from around $150 for 5 weeks (including delivery and collection). This service is only available for any area in Singapore [/item]
[item] All Lux Arcana Singapore products come with a ten year manufacturers and materials defects guarantee. (terms and condition applied) [/item]
[item] We use high quality Aniline Leather for our contemporary range. This is a very natural leather showing all the original markings of the hide. The leather is pigmented to bring through the colour and the natural print of the leather is not removed or processed, ensuring that every piece is truly unique. The leather does have an oil based finish which helps absorb minor scratches and acts as a defence by forcing liquid spills to run on the surface instead of soaking straight into the leather [/item]
[item] A choice of either foam or fibre top seat cushions is used on contemporary sofas. The foam gives a slightly firmer sit whereas the fibre has a more relaxed look and feel. Both are extremely comfortable [/item]
[item] High tensile Serpentine springs or Zig Zag springs form the base of the sofas [/item]
[item] Solid Wooded Bun or square feet [/item]
[item] Detachable, zipped seat and back cushions which means the sofa can be cleaned easier and that the interiors can be replaced in time if required (although this is very unlikely)[/item]



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Some of our competitors

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[item] Many other sofa manufacturers automate a large amount of the processes using machines which can often lead to faults that go undetected. [/item]
[item] Sofas are often imported from abroad to take advantage of cheap labour and materials which again is reflected in the quality.[/item]
[item] Some companies use Made in China Fabric and / or split or artificial leather for the backs and sides of the sofa to save costs. [/item]
[item] Some companies construct the entire sofa from MDF for example [/item]
[item] Because the sofas are often imported you can often be waiting 8-16 weeks, especially if the shipment doesn’t arrive on time from abroad. [/item]
[item] Often not offered or the courier service used are not specialist furniture couriers and hence damage can be incurred.
Very rare this service is offered by a Furniture retailer. [/item]
[item] Often you will have to pay more for a warranty [/item]
[item] Many other companies offer sofas that are often made of an inferior leather, such as splits (leather shaved in many thinner layers), artificial or a synthetic leather. We do not use such leather on any part of our sofas, the same quality leather that is used on the seats is used throughout the furniture. [/item]
[item] In our experience we find that sofas with just a feather or fibre filled cushion often require ‘puffing up’ almost weekly as the seat remains sunken after being sat on. The foam in our sofas helps. [/item]
[item] Often are made without the support of a sprung back, also many sofa bases are made of rubber webbing, which over time loses its elastication and sags. Some furniture is still made with a foam base pad and soft cushions are used to discuse the lack of support[/item]
[item] Hollow feet shells with a concealed plastic / metal support. [/item]
[item] It is common that cushions are non removable and attached to the sofa which makes it harder to move around but also is harder to clean and maintain. Also, in time we have seen the stitching come away. [/item]

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