Teak wood from Myanmar is a type of hardwood and is also known as the king of woods. The burmese teak wood is widely use as the best raw material in furniture. Burmese teak is from Tectona grandis tree, which is origin from the tropical. In fact, the best wood furniture is making by Burmese teak from nature mature tree, the teak tree have to planted for 80 years only can harvested for wood. Therefore, Teak Wood is limited and price worth, if your house has some teak furniture it will lighting and brings up your home feeling. Teak wood from Myanmar is better comparing to other teak wood from others country such as Vietnam, Indonesia or Malaysia. This is because of the weather, tropical and the carpenter from Myanmar made the Burmese teak become best in the world.

Advantages of Burmese Teak Wood

? Burmese Teak Wood is popular with durability and resistance to water.
? Burmese Teak Wood is hard, therefore it resistant to termite.
? Teak wood from Myanmar is immune to white ants and insect attack.
? Burmese Teak Wood is very strong and durable, thus it needs minimal maintenance.
? Cleaning with cloth everyday can make your teak furniture have a long life.
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